TV influences our lives- téma ke konverzaci

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♥ I want to talk about TV influence. TV influences everyone of us. Someone less, someone more. So TV can has bad and good influence. I think that it has more good ones.
So the biggest problem is that many people spend watching TV too much time and they become addicted. Have you ever gone home and turned on TV, although you knew there isn´t any good program? It´s just habit.
♥ But there are other problems. For example every day we can see in TV lot of good looking actors, with perfect bodies. It´s fine, but there is hidden influence too. Lot of young girls, but even boys try to be like they and sometimes they tries drastic diet and it can end like anorexia or bulimia. These people are convinced that it´s OK and this can lead to hospitalization. But, who can say, what is really attractive? Everyone likes something different. From hair color to the size of hips. What is attractive for you?
♥ But there are people, who want perfect body without work and let themselves be tempted on teleshopping products like sauna belt. For example like grandmother of my good friend. She ordered it and really thought that she lost weight. But miracle didn´t happen- of course. But she couldn't claim it. It´s happened every day, because people are just people. And they are too much trustful and this programs use it for their benefit. But it not be only about weight loss. For example food processors or clearing resources. Many people order this products and later they find it doesn´t work, but it can´t be complained.
♥ So now I will speak about good influences. At first through television news spreads faster, so we know what happened in world that day, when it happened. And you can see it, it´s more better, than you only hear it from radio. You can accustomed to the situation, when you can see it. For example, when was floods in Czech Republic. So many people sent DMS, just because they can see destroyed houses and people, who lost everything.
♥ There are lot of documentaries too. It can be great way to understand the complicated things simple way and i think it´s good, when teachers use these documentaries on lessons. It´s more interesting and when can you see it, it´s more easy to remember it.
But not everyone watches news or documentaries. So now I want to speak about movies. Lot of movies are filmed according to book. So it also can be good, because you can compare your own idea with director´s idea. And it also can be alternative, when you don´t like reading. But I think that book is more better than movie, because movie has normally about 2 hours and it´s clear that there can´t be all details, which is the best on it.
♥ And finally there is lot of fairy tails and I think you will agree with me, when I say it´s practic for adults with children, because they love it and adults have some time for themselves especially on morning, because children wake up very early and when they can see on fairytailes, their parents can sleep a little longer.
♥ So I think that TV is great thing, which facilitates learning, give us news, helps people and it´s fine relax, but I know, that in nowadays internet take over this role. Everything what you can watch in television, you can found on internet too. There are movies, serials, news, documents and much more. So more people are addicted on internet. Specifically on facebook. It´s phenomenon of young people, but even lot of adults. They spend surfing many hours. It´s the biggest problem of it. What do you think?

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Opět upozorňuji na úrověň mojí angličtiny. Chyb by tam mělo být minimálně, ale nevylučuji je..

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