United kingdom

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island
United Kingdom lies at the top left edge of Europe. It´s island country divided to two big islands and lot of smaller islands. It´s bounded by Atlantic ocean. UK is consist of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London. Official Language is English, but other spoken languages are Welsh, Scottish Gaulish and Irish Gaulish. Each country of UK has own capital city, emblem and patron. English has in emblem red rose, capital city is London and patron is st. George, Wales has in emblem Luk Dafoil, capital city is… and patron is st. David, Ireland has shamrock, capital city Dublin and st. Patric and finály Scotland has thistle, capital city is Edinburgh and patron is st, Andrew.
Head of Uk is queen, but her function is only representative. Exekutiv head of state is prime ministr. The current gueen is Elizabeth II. She is is also head of the thirteen Commonwealth countries. For example Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica. Current Prime Ministr is David Cameron from conservative party. Legislativ power is parlament. It´s consist of Upper House of Lords and Lower House.
Scotland- There is Grampian mountines, which occupying majority part of Scotland and there is highest peak of UK Ben Nevis. There is a lot elongated lake called Loch. For example Loch Nes. There is a legend that Loch Ness monster lives in lake.
Ireland- Ireland is separated from Scotland by the Irish Sea. There is quality agricultural land, and there is the largest lake in the UK Lough Nech. (lak nej)
England- North of England is divided by Pennin. There is plains and lowlands in the middle of England.
Wales- Wales is country of green valleys, but Cambrian Mountains cover majority of Wales.
UK is one of the most developed countries in the world. UK is member of G7 and European union, but English have kept the pounds.
The most important natural resourece such as oil and gas, steel manifacturing most of silicon glen, and car production. For example cover, ford and rolls. Royce.
The most people work in service. Only 2 % of people works in agriculture.
It lies in a south of England on the river Thames. It´s one of the biggest and the most visited cities on the world. It´s seat of government and parlament. It has has population of about 18 milion people. This city is beutiful for many things. There is lot od interesting places such as Buckingham palace, Tower, Tower bridge, Greenwich, lot of beautiful parks and more other. London is divided to parts. West end is the most popular shopping and entertainment district of London, East London is center of a metropolitan industrial area, in South london there is Wimbledon and Greenwich and North of London is interesting for village charakter.


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